In occasion of EARIE’s 50th Conference, which was held in Rome between August 24 and 26, EARIE announced the winner of the 50th Year Best Paper Award.


The Award was given to Jean-François Fournel for this paper Electric Vehicle Subsidies: Cost-effectiveness and Emission Reduction

Congratulations to Jean-François! 


Congratulations also to the 3 finalists:

  • Pierre Bodéré for his paper Dynamic Spatial Competition in Early Education: an Equilibrium Analysis of the Preschool Market in Pennsylvania
  • Jonathan Elliot for his paper Investment, Emissions, and Reliability in Electricity Markets
  • Florin Maican for his paper (co-authored with Matilda Orth) The Impact of Subsidies on Market Structure and Welfare


Thanks to the Award Committee: Luis Cabral, Pierre Dubois, Natalia Fabra, Reinhilde Veugelers and John Vickers