In March of 1983, the first issue of the International Journal of Industrial Organization (IJIO) was published. Launched on the initiative of several EARIE members in collaboration with EARIE, the IJIO is an international venture that aims at full coverage of theoretical and empirical questions in industrial organization – including classic questions of strategic behavior and market structure to the most recent advancements in the field.

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In 2007, the IJIO began awarding the International Journal of Industrial Organization Best Paper Award in memory of Paul Geroski (Co-Managing Editor of the IJIO, 1987-1992) who passed away in 2005. Winning article(s) are selected by the journal editors and announced in the last issue of each year.

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EARIE is proud of the longstanding affiliation with its flagship Journal IJIO and its current publisher Elsevier.

From the publication of IJIO Volume 86, January 2023, you can find the TOCs below:

Volume 86, January 2023
Volume 87, March 2023
Volume 88, May 2023
Volume 89, July 2023
Volume 90, September 2023