As of 2007, authors of the two best papers published in the IJIO volume of the previous year win a money prize, sponsored and selected by the IJIO Editorial Board. This award was initially named The Paul Geroski Best Paper Prize in memory of Paul Geroski (IJIO Co-Managing Editor, 1987-1992) who passed away in 2005; however, to avoid confusion with an EARIE best paper prize (YEEA) also dedicated to Paul Geroski, in 2013 the IJIO award reverted back to its generic name. Winners of the International Journal of Industrial Organization Best Paper Award are selected by the journal editors and announced in the last IJIO issue of each year.

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IJIO 2023 Winners

Best Empirical Paper (published 2022):

IJIO 2022 Winners

Best Theory paper (published 2021):

Benjamin Balzer and Johannes Schneider
Persuading to participate: Coordination on a standard.
IJIO, Vol. 78, September 2021, ref. 102764

Best Empirical Paper (published 2021):

Richard Gil and Myongjin Kim
Does competition increase quality? Evidence from the US airline industry.
IJIO, Vol. 77, June 2021, ref. 102742

IJIO 2021 Winners

Justin Johnson
The agency and wholesale models in electronic content markets.
IJIO, Vol. 69, March 2020, ref. 102581

Jorge Florez-Acosta, Daniel Herrera-Araujo
Multiproduct retailing and consumer shopping behavior: The role of shopping costs.
IJIO, Vol. 68, January 2020, ref. 102560

IJIO 2020 Winners

Guillermo Marshall, Alvaro Parra
Innovation and Competition: The Role of the Product Market.
IJIO, Vol. 65, July 2019, pp. 221-247

Christopher R. Knittel, Konstantinos Metaxoglou, André Trindade
Environmental implications of market structure: Shale gas and electricity markets.
IJIO, Vol. 63, March 2019, pp. 511-550

IJIO 2019 Winners

Luke Garrod, Matthew Olczak
Explicit vs tacit collusion: The effects of firm numbers and asymmetries.
IJIO, Vol. 56, January 2018, pp. 1-25

Mauricio J. Varela
The costs of growth: Accelerated growth and crowd-out in the Mexican supermarket industry.
IJIO, Vol. 61, November 2018, pp. 1-52

IJIO 2018 Winners

Hyunchul Kim, Kyoo il Kim
Estimating store choices with endogenous shopping bundles and price uncertainty.
IJIO, Vol. 54, September 2017, pp. 1-36

Serge Moresi, Marius Schwartz
Strategic incentives when supplying to rivals with an application to vertical firm structure.
IJIO, Vol. 51, March 2017, pp. 137-161

IJIO 2017 Winners

Carlo Reggiani, Tommaso Valletti
Net neutrality and innovation at the core and at the edge.
IJIO, Vol. 45, March 2016, pp. 16-27

Carlos Noton
Structural estimation of price adjustment costs in the European car market.
IJIO, Vol. 49, November 2016, pp. 105-147

IJIO 2016 Winners

Roberto Burguet, Ramon Caminal, Matthew Ellman
In Google we trust?
IJIO, Vol. 39, March 2015, pp. 44-55

Florin Maican, Matilda Orth
A dynamic analysis of entry regulations and productivity in retail trade.
IJIO, Vol. 40, May 2015, pp. 67-80

IJIO 2015 Winners

Duarte Brito, Ricardo Ribeiro, Helder Vasconcelos
Measuring unilateral effects in partial horizontal acquisitions.
IJIO, Vol. 33, March 2014, pp. 22-36

Florin Maican, Matilda Orth
A dynamic analysis of entry regulations and productivity in retail trade.
IJIO, Vol. 40, May 2015, pp. 67-80

IJIO 2014 Winners

Peter Arcidiacono, Paul B. Ellickson, Peter Landry, David B. Ridley
Pharmaceutical followers.
IJIO, Vol. 31, Issue 5, September 2013, pp. 538-553

Alexander White
Search engines: Left side quality versus right side profits.
IJIO, Vol. 31, Issue 6, November 2013, pp. 690-701

IJIO 2013 Winners

Luís Cabral, Arthur Fishman
Business as usual: A consumer search theory of sticky prices and asymmetric price adjustment.
IJIO, July 2012, 30(4): 371-376

Matthew S. Lewis
Price leadership and coordination in retail gasoline markets with price cycles.
IJIO, July 2012, 30(4): 342-351

IJIO 2012 Winners

Katherine Ho, Joy Ishii
Location and competition in retail banking.
IJIO, September 2011, 29(5): 537-546

Alessandro Bonatti
Brand-specific tastes for quality.
IJIO, September 2011, 29(5): 562-575

IJIO 2011 Winners

Juan Esteban Carranza
Product innovation and adoption in market equilibrium: The case of digital cameras.
IJIO, November 2010, 28(6): 604-618

Brent Hickman
On the pricing rule in electronic auctions.
IJIO, September 2010, 28(5): 423-433

IJIO 2010 Winners

Kenneth S. Corts, Mara Lederman
Software exclusivity and the scope of indirect network effects in the U.S. home video game market.
IJIO, March 2009, 27(2): 121-136

Sarit Markovich, Johannes Moenius
Winning while losing: Competition dynamics in the presence of indirect network effects.
IJIO, May 2009, 27(3): 346-357

IJIO 2009 Winners

Lesley Chiou
The timing of movie releases: Evidence from the home video industry.
IJIO 2008, 26(5): 1059-1073

Robert C. Marshall, Leslie M. Marx, Matthew E. Raiff
Cartel price announcements: The vitamins industry.
IJIO 2008, 26(3): 762-802

IJIO 2008 Winners

H. R. Varian
Position auctions.
IJIO 2007, 25(6): 1163-1178

Yi Deng
The effects of patent regime changes: A case study of the European patent office.
IJIO 2007, 25(1): 121-138

IJIO 2007 Winners

H. Vasconcelos
Endogenous mergers in endogenous sunk cost industries.
IJIO 2006, 24(2): 227-250

Khwaja, Sloan, & Salm
Evidence on preferences and subjective beliefs of risk-takers: The case of cigarettes.
IJIO 2006, 24(4): 667-682