The EARIE conferences are traditionally held over the last weekend of August / first weekend of September.

We have not published the programmes in the following past conference overview, but if you are interested in seeing the full conference programmes, please email the Executive Secretary through congress@earie.org

2023: 50th EARIE Annual Conference – Rome, Italy

Host: LUISS University
Scientific Committee Chair: Pierre Dubois
Organizing Committee Chair: Emanuele Tarantino

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2022: 49th EARIE Annual Conference – Vienna, Austria

Host: University of Vienna 
Scientific Committee Chair: David Genesove
Organizing Committee Chair: Christine Zulehner
Keynote speakers:
Massimo Motta (Presidential Address) – Abuse in Digital Markets
Katja SeimTaxes, Passthrough and Market Structure
Scientific programme

2021: 48th EARIE Annual Conference (Virtual)

Host: NHH Norwegian School of Economics in cooperation with University of Bergen
Scientific Committee Chair: Elisabetta Iossa
Organizing Committee Chair: Øivind Nilsen
Keynote speakers:
Rocco MacchiavelloIO and Development
Judith ChevalierPlatforms for Labor
Scientific programme

2020: 47th EARIE Annual Conference (Virtual)

Host: University of Bologna
Scientific Committee Chair: Leslie Marx
Organizing Committee Chair: Luca Lambertini
Keynote speakers:
John Vickers (Presidential Address) – Competition for Imperfect Consumers
Natalia FabraThe Energy Transition: A Challenge for Industrial Economics

2019: 46th EARIE Annual Conference – Barcelona, Spain

Hosts: Barcelona GSE & PPSRC / IESE
Scientific Committee Chair: Jan De Loecker
Organizing Committee Chair: Albert Banal-Estañol
Keynote speakers:
Kate HoKey Questions in Health Insurance Market Design
Alessandro GavazzaIndustrial Organization and Household Finance

2018: 45th EARIE Annual Conference – Athens, Greece

Hosts: Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) & Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE)
Scientific Committee Chair: Paul Heidhues
Organizing Committee Chair: Nikos Vettas
Keynote speakers:
Jakub KastlAuctions in Financial Markets
Peter NearyIO for Export(s)
Xavier Vives (EARIE Presidential Address) – Common Ownership, Market Power and Innovation

2017: 44th EARIE Annual Conference – Maastricht, Netherlands

Host: Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (MUSBE)
Scientific Committee Chair: Volker Nocke
Organizing Committee Chair: Martin Carree
Keynote speakers:
Dirk BergemannInformation Design
Botond KőszegiBrowsing versus Studying Offers
Frank VerbovenMyopia, Technology Adoption and Environmental Policy

2016: 43rd EARIE Annual Conference – Lisbon, Portugal

Host: Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE)
Scientific Committee Chair: Alessandro Gavazza
Organizing Committee Chair: Steffen Hoernig
Keynote speakers:
Susan AtheyAggregators, Intermediaries, and Internet News Consumption
John Sutton (Presidential Address) – A Flash in the Pan or A New African Dawn? Prospects and Challenges for African Industrialisation
Steve TadelisReputation, Feedback and Other Signals in Online Markets

2015: 42nd EARIE Annual Conference – Munich, Germany

Host: LMU Munich (ISTO)
Scientific Committee Chair: Michelle Sovinsky
Organizing Committee Chair: Tobias Kretschmer
Keynote speakers:
Kai-Uwe KühnPlatform Markets and the Limits of Antitrust Enforcement: How Should We Think about Protecting Competition in a Rapidly Evolving Environment?
Leslie MarxPrior-free Bayesian Optimal Double-Clock Auctions
Chad SyversonFirm Performance and the Allocation of Resources

2014: 41st EARIE Annual Conference – Milan

Host: Bocconi University
Scientific Committee Chair: Heski Bar-Isaac
Organizing Committee Chair: Michele Polo
Keynote speakers:
Matthew GentzkowPartisan Media and Democracy : Historical Lessons from US Newspapers
Patrick Rey (Presidential Address) – On Multilateral Vertical Relations
Michael WhinstonEquilibria in Health Exchanges: Adverse Selection vs. Reclassification Risk

2013: 40th EARIE Annual Conference – Évora, Portugal

Host: University of Évora CEFAGE-UE
Scientific Committee Chair: Tommaso Valletti
Organizing Committee Chair: Cesaltina Pires
Keynote speakers:
Mathias DewatripontBank Restructuring and State Aid Control
Glenn EllisonThe Internet and the Used Book Market
Ali HortaçsuVertical Integration and Input Flows

2012: 39th EARIE Annual Conference – Rome, Italy

Hosts: LUISS Guido Carli & Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
Scientific Committee Chair: Yossi Spiegel
Organizing Committee Chair: Tommaso Valletti

2011: 38th EARIE Annual Conference – Stockholm, Sweden

Hosts: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) & Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
Scientific Chair: Martin Peitz
Organizing Committee Chair: Marcus Asplund

2010: 37th EARIE Annual Conference – Istanbul, Turkey

Host: Sabanci University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Scientific Committee Chair: Otto Toivanen
Organizing Committee Chair: Izak Atiyas

2009: 36th EARIE Annual Conference – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Host: Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Scientific Committee Chair: Luís Cabral
Organizing Committee Chair: Jože Damian

2008: 35th EARIE Annual Conference – Toulouse, France

Host: Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)

2007: 34th EARIE Annual Conference – Valencia, Spain

Host: University of Valencia

2006: 33rd EARIE Annual Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Host: The University of Amsterdam

2005: 32nd EARIE Annual Conference – Porto, Portugal

Host: Faculty of Economics, University of Porto

2004: 31st EARIE Annual Conference – Berlin, Germany

Host: WZB Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin

2003: 30th EARIE Annual Conference – Helsinki, Finland

Host: The Helsinki School of Economics

2002: 29th EARIE Annual Conference – Madrid, Spain

Host: University Carlos III Madrid

2001: 28th EARIE Annual Conference – Dublin, Ireland

Host: Trinity College Dublin

2000: 27th EARIE Annual Conference – Lausanne, Switzerland

Host: University of Lausanne

To learn more about locations prior to 2000, please contact the EARIE Executive Secretary at info@earie.org.